Entry #1


2013-11-23 12:39:31 by fabiston

Hello, My name is and I present Fabiston my newgrounds account can see my art and music and will upload soon I speak Spanish Flash animations usually my animations are subtitled and spoken Spanish.

Hola, Mi nombre es Fabiston y les presento mi cuenta en newgrounds podrán ver mi arte y próximamente subiré música y animaciones Flash yo hablo español generalmente mis animaciones serán subtituladas y habladas en español.


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2013-11-23 12:46:45

cool! how's it goin'?

(Updated ) fabiston responds:

yet started well with black humor and comic within 5 days I started flash animations

sorry if this poorly written


2013-11-23 15:16:02


fabiston responds:

when you start your animations Might be the voice of the protagonist